Most Popular Android App Development Frameworks

For the developers. the store has recorded 2.1 million apps . Whereas the Apple Store is 1.8 million apps.

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Therefore, they should be? Native, hybrid and cross-platform apps work on different frameworks. However, some frameworks once written, can be used for other platforms too. Therefore, it’s not a problem.

Developers should look for scale in their future. For developers, there is no need to make a difference. And many android app development frameworks can provide a wholesome experience.


Xamarin works on C # coding. This type of coding enables developers to use this framework on various platforms. Plus, they do not need to be coding with it. It was launched as the framework of the hybrid app development in the year 2011.

However, it was taken over by Microsoft in 2016. As of 2017, almost 1.4 million developers were using Xamarin and its tools. The codebase is frequently updated, which is significant. For more information, please click here.

Apart from that, native programming interfaces are highly accessible through Xamarin. Different plugins and NuGet bundles help in faster development. Its visual studio is highly influential in developing android mobile apps with the .NET framework.

React native

The android mobile application development is highly influenced by React Native. It is in close competition with Native Scripts and Xamarin. A survey amongst the developers revealed that 61% would like to learn it.

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The framework has been developed by Facebook in 2015. Since then, big names like Instagram, Airbnb, Walmart. It is a user interface. It is an open source. This is because The interface is powered by many native features.


Flutter is probably the latest app development framework in the offering. Google launched it in 2017 as an open-source mobile software development kit (SDK). This is an object-oriented programming language.

Developers have found it quite easy to adapt themselves to Dart. Plus, Flutter has an all-new exciting feature of Hot Reload. Hot Reloading. And the change can be seen while the app is running.

It uses Skia 2D graphics for rendering visuals - which is browsers like Chrome. Hence, though the visuals look like web designs, like these, they are not. It makes it easier to use it.


PhoneGap is perhaps the app of the app. Its a cross-platform framework with a current market share of 22.29%. Apart from the above features, PhoneGap enables application sharing with team members. By sharing the application, team members can provide their feedback.

It also has a number of cloud solutions. It ensures the development of an intuitive interface. Hence, it’s eliminated. For all of the platforms.


SimilarTech claims that as of 2019, there are almost 25993 applications built on Ionic. Ionic is another cross-platform framework that translates using HTML5. It is quite a lot of similarities with AngularJS and it enables the development of both hybrid and progressive apps.

Developers love to brag about plugins, libraries, tools, gestures, etc. Exciting features like fingerprint authentication, Bluetooth increase. UI components already present. Tools like list views, menu, filters, tabs, etc.


JQuery is another framework that makes use of HTML5 for developing mobile apps. The framework is a javascript javascript. It has been developed with many smartphones.

JQuery can work amongst all the devices, once the code is written. It can be used for developing either apps or websites. Plus, it can be run on all operating systems like Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows, Kindle and many more. Various plugins like sliders for Image, Content, and Pop-up Boxes. Less coding is used to develop the same features. It allows you to read SEO optimization.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is more than 10 times faster than others in its competition framework. Its back-end support system is Lua. Lua is a very delicate programming language focussing extensively on being flexible, easy to use, and faster. Hence, it enables faster app development while maintaining quality.

Easy to learn. It also gives developers in 2D games with ease. Changes can be seen through all platforms like Apple, Android, Windows.

Winding up

Mobile app development. Hence, the app development frameworks are increasingly being upgraded to the latest editions. At 9series , there are many features that are easy to use. Developers have a goal in their minds when they start developing an app.

It can be used either for a single platform or different platforms. Up to the apps. Hence, the best choice.

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All these cross-platform frameworks are convenient for the developer, but they are very far behind in capabilities from the native Android SDK (Android support library). And the best solution in this case is a framework that will allow you to use Android SDK in the key of the most modern and generally accepted standards and patterns, such as reusable components and MVVM. And in this case, is what you need.