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Минск от 50 000 до 120 000 ₽ Работа в офисе
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  • The project aims at the English speaking countries, that’s why your language proficiency must be at least C1 or C2. Profile education is required. You should be able to work full-time in the office.


  • Communicate and coordinate counselors and developers.
  • Participate in the development of the project (make up the headings, analyze the usability of the interface).
  • Establish the mechanism which will help to select a counselor.
  • Support our clients to solve their issues.
  • Deal with problematic cases.
  • Advice on techniques, content, etc.


  • Participation in a famous large-scale international internet project.
  • Professional team.
  • Democratic management.
  • Free lunches.
  • Foreign language courses.
  • Medical insurance (for employees who work for more than a year).
  • Massage chair, table soccer, hoverboard, balance board.
  • Corporate library.
  • Transforming tables for working standing and sitting.
  • Corporate events 4 times a year.
  • Probation period 3 months.
  • Official employment.
  • Workplace in the business center “Titan” (Petrovschina station).


Avanta is an international American company with one of the largest app portfolios. Our products are Meetville dating service and many others. The total audience of nearly 90 million users worldwide.

At the current moment, we are looking for a Psychologist/Psychotherapist to participate in our new project (marketplace), oriented to English-speaking markets.

Lifehelp.co is an online marketplace with the goal to bring together top psychology counselors and people who seek help with relationships, family or other life issues. We want to make counseling services accessible for everyone, including homebound people, those who cannot resolve upon going through therapy or simply lack time for an actual visit to the office.

We are looking for a Psychologist or Psychotherapist to be the central part of our project, gain international experience, communicate with counselors and learn more about the issues Americans face up with.


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One of the largest and most popular companies providing dating networks worldwide.

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