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  • Established specialist as Head of Growth, Chief Marketing Officer or similar role.
  • You have proven experience effectively managing a multifunctional team of at least 10 members overseeing 6-figure marketing budgets.
  • You know the difference between B2C and B2B marketing, are able to effectively deliver the required message to a target audience.
  • You have a startup spirit and a creative mindset and are able to generate ideas and concepts to create new growth strategies.
  • You are able to initiate and drive initiatives impacting product value and features based on user feedback and embracing emerging trends in creative and marketing space.
  • You are result-oriented, comfortable with autonomy and are able to make things happen.
  • International experience, ideally within the U.S., Western Europe, and Latin America markets.
  • Leader and team player, with a high level of emotional intelligence.


  • Strategy: Develop and execute an integrated marketing strategy, overseeing customer acquisition, expansion retention initiatives and all brand communications through online and offline channels.
  • Brand Awareness: Develop and launch marketing campaigns and activities to drive Crello brand awareness at target markets.
  • Organic Growth: Develop and execute activities aimed at organic growth including SEO/ASO, referral/growth loops, content marketing and building community around Crello product.
  • Paid Acquisition: develop and execute advertising campaigns aimed at growing the number of paid customers, both on web mobile apps. Keep up the balance between LTV and CAC.
  • Customers Engagement and Retention: Develop and execute activities aimed to expand customers' usage of Crello products, increasing customers' AOV and retention to maximize LTV.
  • Managing Multifunctional Team: Be a thought leader for the existing marketing team and bring on-board new marketing talents to deliver world-class performance.


  • Interact with a super skilled development team.
  • Intensive product development, challenging tasks.
  • Training at the company expense.
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • The opportunity to become a part of the ambitious project.


Crello is looking for a Chief Marketing Officer to define and drive our growth strategy and transformation in both consumer and business segments. You will report directly to the CEO and Founder; and lead a multifunctional marketing advertising team at Crello to deliver world-class performance across all channels, and work towards increasing revenue and brand awareness for Crello across the world.

The № 1 goal of the role is growth, which means growing the number of Crello customers across the global markets.

This position is available both in our Kyiv, Ukraine and Limassol, Cyprus offices. Company will relocate successful candidate to one of the offices.


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Crello is a visual editor launched by Depositphotos. It allows creating social media images, ad banners, posters, email headers, and other popular formats. Crello is easy to use — it doesn't matter if you are an experienced designer or a beginner.

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