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ASP.NET MVC, a web application development framework released by Microsoft in 2009, was replaced by ASP.NET Core seven years later, an upgraded version for the same. Since both of these frameworks differ from each other drastically, developers generally get confused as to which framework to proceed with while developing a web application.Taking the above into consideration, we'll be discussing both the above frameworks in detail and draw a comparison between them so that companies lendering mobile app development services can decide which framework to integrate with ease.

Everything You Need to Know About ASP.NET MVC

Launched by Microsoft in 2009, ASP.NET MVC is a web application development framework that provides an open-source Model View Controller architecture. ASP.NET MVC is an alternative to ASP.NET WebForms, which is used for building and running web applications.

ASP.NET development companies can build scalable web applications, dynamic websites, and interactive pages. The framework also supports several formats such as HTML, Javascript, WML, and XML. ASP.NET MVC has further inherited the strongest sides from ASP.NET, a very powerful technology. The ASP.NET MVC framework has become quite famous over the past few years and is one of the go-to options for programmers who build various types of web applications and services. It is famous among developers because ASP.NET MVC web apps are easier to develop and debug. This can be easily executed with an integrated development program called Visual Studio.NET. Some of the biggest companies like Microsoft, Stack, Overflow, Ikea, and Volvo have their heavily-trafficked websites programmed by ASP.NET MVC. However, a common question that arises is whether ASP.

Is ASP.NET MVC Outdated in 2021?

Unfortunately, ASP.NET MVC is no longer in active development, so the MVC framework won't get further updates and improvements. Regardless, many companies are still using ASP.NET MVC web and mobile application development services. And using such outdated technologies generally results in several problems in the future. Loss of time and money are the main risks associated with implementing outdated technology. Furthermore, many small and mid-sized businesses blame time and money for failing to make timely hardware and software upgrades.

ASP.NET MVC Vs. ASP.NET Core - Primary Differences between the Two.

ASP.NET Core is an open-source e-commerce version of ASP.NET. It's a free cross-platform web framework released by Microsoft in June 2016. This framework can be used for developing website or desktop applications that can be deployed in any operating system. ASP.NET Core is a Cloud environment for development and deployments. The primary difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core is their cross-platform approach. ASP.NET Core can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux, whereas ASP.NET MVC can only be used for applications on Windows. On top of that, in terms of popularity and preference, ASP.NET Core is mainly the winner in both these cases. The ASP.NET Core MVC is a framework for building web apps and APIs, optimized for use with ASP.NET Core. The framework is open-source and highly testable as it uses the latest web standards alongside supporting TDD-friendly development.ASP. NET Core MVC allows you to build web apps and mobile app development services. It also works with a database and can add search and validation. Furthermore, the framework incorporates routing, model binding and validation, web APIs, view components, razor view engine, and many more features.

Why Should Businesses Choose ASP.NET Core for Web Development?

Enhanced Performance

An ASP.NET Development Company considers how well an application performs as a primary factor while selecting a framework for app development. And in this case, ASP.NET Core is much faster than ASP.NET MVC and has shown great results compared to other frameworks. A reason for the framework's quick performance is the fact that the system automatically optimizes its codes to improve performance.

Cross-platform Support

It is necessary to ensure that your app will work well on any platform when working on your application development. ASP.NET Core is cross-platform and runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and all other devices. Thus, the system allows developers to choose any OS for their convenience as it is extremely flexible.

Less Code

The quality of the code defines the quality of an application. ASP.NET Core lets the developers write fewer statements. Hence, the code structure becomes easier and less coding is required. This makes mobile app development services cost-effective for organizations. Additionally, it also gives more control to the developers as far as the process is concerned and simplifies debugging.

Easy Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, ASP.NET requires less code, and less code is easier to maintain. Developers can easily optimize the code in ASP.NET Core and save time on app maintenance.

Support of Cloud-Based Web Application Development

Another benefit of ASP.NET Core is that it offers different types of application development and cloud-based web apps. So, this approach is most suitable for enterprises and businesses that are ready to expand. Cloud-based development provides web applications with flexibility, accessibility, easier integrations, data protection, and much more.

Open source

ASP.NET Core is open-source, which means that any ASP.NET Core professional has access to the framework code. All .NET Core developers can work on technology improvement and modify it according to their app development needs. This helps the developers to create the best web solutions with ASP.NET Core.


.NET Core offers an internal server for every ASP.NET Core web application by default. It enables running ASP.NET Core apps on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Furthermore, it is lightweight and supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Better Security

ASP.NET Core has several built-in features that allow developers to create safer web applications. This technology makes it easier to maintain HTTPS enforcement, authentication, authorization, and data protection.

Bottom Line

ASP.NET web application development was famous for a long time because of the reliability and stability it offered. Unfortunately, the framework is no longer supported and was replaced by ASP.NET Core that provides a lot more advantages to developers. ASP.NET Core supports cross-platform development and needs less code and maintenance. Moreover, Web and mobile applications development services on ASP.NET Core are more secure and easily portable. Everything else you need to know about the framework is mentioned above.

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