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Давид Евстифеев

AMAZY to the moon

Amazy is a lifestyle app with game elements that will encourage you to keep fit, everything you need to make money, just put on trendy NFT sneakers and go for a walk or run, the project is created by a team that has developed dozens of mobile games with 2+ billion installs.

Each user will be able to buy, sell or rent sneakers on the marketplace built into the application.

And so how does this project promise to give big X's? First things first:

1. You all know very well that when you successfully sell some token, then someone loses money at the same moment. All this money is not taken from the air. This is a typical cryptocurrency project. If you think it is deliberately unprofitable, just go by and invest in more fundamental projects with a bunch of large funds. Someone will cut the hamsters anyway. It can be the project itself, or we, well, or we ourselves will turn out to be hamsters. I remind you that there are a lot of bloggers on sports, fitness and so on in influencers, and they will drag people into the project who do not understand crypto at all.

2. This company creates mobile games that have been downloaded by more than 2 billion people in total. This, of course, does not mean that they rivet some super-cool games. They focus on what was originally called mobile games, namely all sorts of tetris, snakes and so on.

3.Move2earn. Here I think everything is clear. The topic is on hype, it shoots everything, I think we still have about 1 month left, then there will be a recession or a transition to a new hype topic.

4. A cheap entry is no doubt captivating and is probably the main plus now the entry threshold at the start is $ 100, while in the steppe against the backdrop of a decline, about $ 500-800$


In general, I hope that I was able to explain my position in relation to the Amazy project, in my subjective opinion, amazy will eclipse the entire m2e space and you will hear about this project everywhere

Amazy to the moon

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