Epic Evenings

Summer start

We start with an open stage where there is room for everyone. Do you have a talent? Then sign up! You share your talent, we share our stage. And that produces very beautiful things.

Next, The Veldman Brothers will kick off as one of the many bands that will come along this summer. The brothers Gerrit (guitar, vocals) and Bennie (Hammond, harp, vocals) Veldman have been the unmistakable face of the band for years. The ultimate blues brotherhood with a wealth of experience ensures an enormous experience and a lot of spectacles.

To close the first evening in style, the Grand East is ready for you. With performances at, among others, De Wereld Draait Door and 3FM, they constantly put themselves in the spotlight. Fortunately, they have found a place in the busy program and after July 19 they will check Epe on their agenda.

Rock 'n roll

This evening we will again start with the open stage on the church square! Do you have a talent? Then sign up! You share your talent, we share our stage. And that produces very beautiful things. Infomercial music in USA,

During the open stage, a few American Classics and other attributes will turn the square into Rock 'n Roll atmospheres.

When the church clock strikes 9 o'clock, Boom Boom Barber and DJ Erik Strijk alternate on stage.

Boom Boom Barber is a Rock and Roll, Rockabilly band with trips to Swing and Blues. By giving the covers their own 'twist', they are able to create their own Boom Boom sound and the feet have to get off the floor!

In addition, Erik Strijk is the incarnation of Rock 'n Roll. With a passion for music and the Musicboxz radio station, he assures us of a successful evening.

Wrong party

This is the last evening where the open stage will be, so the last chance. Do you have a talent? Then sign up! You share your talent, we share our stage. And that produces very beautiful things.

After the open stage, the square will be dominated by a party that is loved by everyone. From Paul Elstak to the Backstreet Boys, from Guus Meeuwis to Grease, then we Rampen to Snollebollekes and end up with the shirt off and wave goodbye! Not to mention: this evening You Don’t Get Laugh From Our Face, but if You Think You Can Do Anything From Me then there are always the Vengaboys and Hardwell to complete the party.

The sounds of this evening are provided by the well-known Carnival DJs Remco and Laurens. As a duo, they have been the guarantee for a top party for years.

Dutch evening

Evening number four is entirely devoted to the Dutch song. During this evening various Dutch artists will let the most pleasant sounds go over the church square. This week with a different schedule than the previous three Epic Evenings. There is no Open Stage anymore, but we start the party program an hour earlier. An hour earlier than normal, so at 8 pm, the party will start and you can enjoy, laugh and party!

Dance with me

The penultimate Epic Evening, number five again will be entirely devoted to dance.

At 6 pm a salsa workshop will be started on the church square where everyone can show his or her tropical dance skills. This is followed by a dance demonstration, but the most important thing about this evening is that dance is used as something to enjoy, relax and of course party! For this DJ Maestro and Bas van Lier will start the first tracks of their three-hour show at 9 pm

DJ Maestro lives for Music production in USA, . His studies and passions can also be found in the field of music. But in his life he discovered the party scene and fell in love again: falling in love with beats, falling in love with the lifestyle and falling in love with the long evenings (and early mornings). He combines his love for classical, jazz and club music, resulting in this special musical phenomenon: DJ Maestro. Bas van Lier supports DJ Maestro on this unique piece of the show and will make the evening phenomenal with his powerful, modern and rhythmic melodies.

Last round

The last Epic Evening of 2019 starts with a show on the church square in Epe for a unique audience. Men in Music will kick off at 6 pm Men in Music is a musical duo that turns every party into a blast! This act is aimed at a unique audience: in collaboration with the De Passerel foundation, the show is specially set up for anyone with an intellectual disability. Everyone is welcome, because of the more people, the more joy! Men in Music consists of Jan and John, two race entertainers who think nothing is crazy. The interaction with the audience forms the content of the show. Requests, requests or other special things: everything is possible!

At 9 pm the JPR Strinx band will relieve the Men in Music toppers. With experience in pre-programs from Golden Earring, De Dijk, Normaal and Di-Rect, but also shows at the Zwarte Cross, the JPR Strinxband knows how to turn every party into a great success. No party tent, café or festival is too crazy for them. They will let Epe hear what they can and build up to the Final Call Surprise!

The Final Call Surprise, the last hour, will remain a mystery until the day itself. But one thing is certain: the Epic Evenings 2019 will be concluded with a lot of spectacle, music, and surprises.

Give up Open Podiums

This summer, the Epic Center organizes the Epic Evenings, six Friday evenings of music and socializing on Kerkplein in Epe. On three of these evenings, we have set up a stage that you can use! This is a unique opportunity to gain experience and to make meters on a large stage, of course with professional light and sound.

It doesn't matter if you sing, play an instrument or want to show another musical talent to Epe. Sign up quickly and show everyone what you will shine from! For More information please visit

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