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Case: sale of the car alarms for 250 million rubles

How the Denero Agency met Pandora's business KPIs in a limited time with targeted and video ads.

The goal was to bring the company's new product line to the market and boost sales of 15,000 devices in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Solution was the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for promoting the device and development of a multi-sided web platform.

The result is early completion of the sales plan: more than 20 thousand devices were sold in total.


Pandora is a global technology leader in the production of automotive security systems. In terms of sales auto safety devices, it is ranked second in the world.

The partner network includes more than 700 locations in the 128 cities of Russia, and is also represented in 25 countries.

More than 4 million cars in Russia and abroad are equipped with security and service systems Pandora or Pandect


Our client had a task to show the advantages of the new product and increase sales of the company's main hit of 2017.

The task was not trivial due to the following reasons.

  • Features of the market. Quite a complex sales chain: the manufacturer sells products through a two-level dealer network, which is represented in the CIS countries and Europe, then car alarms go to salons or car services, where a significant amount is added to their cost for installing alarms, and only then the products meet with the final buyers.
  • Low direct demand. Users rarely purposefully search for an alarm system. a significant amount of sales is carried out in salons or car services — when buying a car, without a detailed study of the properties and characteristics of the devices.
  • Non-obvious benefits. Lack of a full-fledged opportunity to evaluate the product's properties before purchasing: the functionality becomes palpable if you have a car and a device installed.
  • New experience. The practice of solving such problems was absent not only in the Extension background, but also in the market as a whole. It was necessary to develop all solutions from scratch, without relying on ready-made mechanics, which significantly increased the risks at the start.

We were limited in terms of time: the Extension team had less than three months to analyze, strategy, web development, and prepare an advertising campaign.

During 12 years of continuous cooperation with the client, we managed not only to build trusting relationships, but also to create a Titanic layer of internal developments and solid research. Due to this, many stages were significantly reduced.


We started to dive into the details of the product long before the beginning of activities on the project. After studying the car alarm system, its value properties and characteristics, we saw the potential for an advertising campaign — the device has many unique properties and has a noticeable technological advantage over competitors.

We have strengthened our intention to implement the project and started preparing it.

A week before, we spent a full day in Kaluga at the Pandora factory, going through all the floors of the huge factory (30 thousand m2) where the devices are manufactured, and getting acquainted with all the stages of production.

Theater begins with a hanger, and Internet marketing activity begins with a strategy.


As we have already written, the direct demand for car alarms is low. This is a consequence of the fact that car owners think about the safety of the car only after the theft or hacking of the car. Modern alarms are equipped with service functions that make the use of the car more comfortable, but not all drivers know about this.

Therefore, a significant part of our efforts was aimed at raising awareness about the useful properties of the device.

We started by delving into the nuances of the device selection and purchase process. After studying the distinctive features of the product, we correlated them with the needs of users.

Then we created a consumer funnel and created a pool of advertising tools for effective interaction with the audience at each of the stages of the consumer funnel available to us.

As advertising tools, the choice fell on a promo site and an advertising video that was integrated into the site and displayed separately from it on external platforms.

By creating a pool of advertising platforms, which we will discuss in the section "implementation", we have developed a communications architecture:



We designed key screens that were designed to convey the advantages of Pandora DX 90BT in the most complete and concise way: video-technologies-advantages-compatibility with cars-configuration and technical characteristics — additional equipment.

In addition to designing the information component, we have introduced interactive features for interaction between several groups of users.

  • Representatives of car centers were able to place their businesses on the site and advise users, thereby directly attracting customers and demonstrating expertise in the installation of devices.
  • Car owners also got the opportunity to choose a car center approved by Pandora and get expert advice from installation centers that were added to the site earlier. Often you could get multiple answers to one question at once.
  • Administrators: all information was moderated by Extension and Pandora Agency employees in accordance with their separate areas of responsibility.

The promo page has actually become a multi-sided web platform where several target groups can interact with each other at once.

The implementation of these tools and thorough testing of behavior scenarios significantly determined the success of the campaign/


For advertising on the Internet, we prepared a video clip based on our request, which we integrated into the site itself, as well as into advertising materials.

We adapted the video for each advertising platform and changed the scenario to improve the perception of information by the target audience, depending on the site and the context of use.


Data collection

Long before the campaign started, we collected audience data by setting cross-domain tracking codes and determined user behavior patterns in order to prioritize spending on customers.

To implement tracking, we used the Google Tag Manager on all the company's websites. He was installed as a standard Google Analytics and "Yandex.Metrica" and remarketing: Google AdWords, Vkontakte, Facebook, and mail tag pixels.Ru for audience control from myTarget.

We have identified sections that only specialists are interested in and eliminated them from expensive ad impressions. As a result of defining events for each of the actions on the site, we have created a large and detailed funnel in Google Analytics.

Test advertising campaign

To identify the strengths of the strategy, test new hypotheses, and evaluate the potential for payback of image advertising, a test advertising campaign plan was drawn up.

Based on the set of data obtained during the trial run, initial adjustments were made to the site, advertising materials, targeting settings, and the budgets of advertising channels were optimized.

Tools and technologies

First conclusions: checking the consistency of projections to actual results

Based on the results of the test advertising campaign, we managed to achieve the planned indicators for the number of clicks, we managed to reduce the cost of transition, but we significantly decreased the number of impressions.

Summary statistics for all channels

But we managed to fix this after launching the main advertising campaign, simultaneously increasing the number of clicks and reducing the cost per click.

Launching an advertising campaign

The lion's share of significant settings was made at the time of preparation of the test advertising campaign, so after the launch, the task of monitoring in real time comes to the fore: every minute is accompanied by the expenditure of the advertising budget, which should be directed to solving business problems with minimal deviations.

Dashboards of advertising system statistics (six primary sources) and aggregation of data from all systems within Darts with a data collection frequency of at least one hour help in this process.

Darts allows you to aggregate data from different systems by API and display statistics in a single interface by channel and time

Video advertising

We have placed ads in TrueView In-Stream format in popular autotematics channels on YouTube. Facebook instagram, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte have also published videos on their social networks.

The average price for a full viewing (15.30 seconds) on all channels did not exceed one ruble.

Example of a YouTube ad

The advantages of this type of advertising are that you only pay for the full video clip.

When launching a video ad, we controlled the frequency of contacts to achieve an optimal balance between audience coverage and attention to the video of an individual user.

Contextual advertising

Most of the placement took place in the Yandex advertising network and the Google display network, since the direct demand for impressions in the search engines themselves is insignificant, as was initially known.

Users with contextual advertising, on average, provided a lower cost of engagement on the site compared to the video ad format (2.5 times).

We were able to encourage users to study the properties of car alarms on the site itself, which is more difficult to do in video ads, where going to the site is optional.

To determine engagement on the site, we have derived our own formula, one of the metrics of which is to perform at least one of the useful actions on the site related to the study of product properties. For example, you can view a detailed answer to a question or a full video clip on a site.

Web Analytics and web development

Often the most useful work in web development begins after you launch your site and get feedback from users.

In the first days of our work, we studied the behavior of users on the site using web Analytics tools in order to confirm our hypotheses and identify new problems.

As part of the project, tasks were created that were segmented into sprints (two — week iterations), depending on their importance to the business, value to the user, and complexity of integration.

In total, more than 300 changes were made.


More than 20 thousand devices were sold for a total amount of over 250 million rubles.

For the fourth quarter of 2017.

Communication KPIs:

Denero team solved our difficult task perfectly. I think with such a deep dive, qualifications, creativity and desire to work – success was inevitable. Our investment has been more than paid off.

RYABOV VALERY, Co-founder and CEO of Pandora
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