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Letter from Italian gynaecologist Roberto Petrella:
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On Italian TV channel Oltre Tv June 3, 2020
The video of Dr. Roberto Petrella was canceled, a gynecologist from Teramo, who exposed his thoughts on koronaïó, and had time to go viral.
′ ′ Medical colleagues react, strike ".
Doctors who are in this second phase have increased significantly. Even the most popular people who often appear on TV start saying different things than ′ ′ official".
Speaking this time Dr Roberto Petrella, who was deported last year from the Order of Doctors at the age of 73, while he was already retired.
The motivation lies in its position against HPV vaccination (breastfeeding virus) which in many cases it considers useless and even harmful.
Some will probably deal with this aspect, forgetting Petrella has been practicing his medical profession for decades.
The gynecologist said: ′ ′ Doctors and virologists go to TV daily to tell vile lies to create panic. Time to send home all these many paid gentlemen and consultants who kept us locked up in jail. We can't do this anymore. "
He wonders why there are always the same people and why doctors and scientists such as Stefano Montanari, Giulio Tarro, Giuseppe De Donno, Pasquale Mario Bacco, were never invited to express their opinion.
Roberto Petrella wrote a letter to Abruzzo area
′ ′ I'm ashamed to be represented in this state of emergency by doctors on TV who said shit and created stress. A revolution can come out of all this ", Petrella continued.
Then he also turned to the police who during this period were the protagonists of many unpleasant episodes: ′ ′ With what conscience do you charge a fine of 500 euros to the poor! "
We are facing one of the most discussed topics of this phase. ′ ′ The mask, in addition to creating the most famous complications, predispose for cancer. But the worst part is that you are planning to force the kids to put them in school. "
Dr Petrella added: ′ ′ There will be war. I write these scientists on my feet and the virologists in my shoes. Open everything again, nothing is happening. "
About two weeks ago, Dr. Abruzzese sent a registered letter to the President of Abruzzo Marco Marsilio District and for information to Regional Health Advisor Nicoletta Nicoletta, Teramo Prosecutor's Office, Teramo Carabinieri Administration and Teramo's Director General. The subject of the registered letter is the mandatory use of mask for this state of emergency.
Petrella said about the state of emergency: You created panic, there is no state of emergency. The virus will return in October because you said the vaccine is already ready ".
The doctor is very hesitant in this aspect, because it takes years to complete a vaccine and even for a virus that is so variable. It's unthinkable: ′ ′ Colleagues, react, hit ".
The mask is harmful and violates our rights
In the letter, the doctor wrote: ′ ′ I don't intend to use the abovementioned mask, at least in open spaces and with sufficient distance from others. "
Petrella then touched on the legal issue: ′ ′ Since the mask is a medical surgical device, it cannot be imposed, with a penalty of violation of Article 32 of the Constitution and the Oviedo Convention signed by Italy ".
He also added: ′ ′ Based on anti-terrorism law and Article 85 of the TULPS (Consolidated Law on Public Safety): "Is it prohibited to circulate wrong performances or with a person who cannot be recognized" ".
Petrella then touched on the issue of proper use of mask that should change several times a day to have an effective action: ′ ′ Do you? If you see an elderly person later, you change it immediately
Limits normal act, primary and necessary for life, ie breathing. The lack of free and healthy breath is incompatible with the optimal state of health representing the primary good of each person, well protected by Syntagma and laws 848/55 and law 881/77 ".
′ ′ Why don't you say journalists about these things; " You are accomplice. People react, they can't do it anymore. Can't live, no money left. They will come to Rome. "
Petrella invites everyone to send this letter to their area
Always have this text: ′ ′ It is immediately understood that in space between face and mask, hyper smoke air is rapidly created and more saturated with germs, viruses, bacteria and fungus contained in the oral cavity. This increases the possibility of developing lower respiratory pathologies ".
He also pointed out in the registered letter that there is a chance of air spreading through the escape routes between the mask and the face created up, down and sideways: ′ ′ Well, what the hell is it; "

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