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Moving guide for non-resident students

Moving guide for non-resident students The resident students sooner or later will face one of the most tiring moments of their college career. No, we are not talking about that impossible exam with the most annoying professor of the degree course, but a not indifferent practical question: the move. Moving has always been a source of stress and learning to manage it allows you to better solve the small problems that can occur during this operation. As indicated on the famous university portal Unidos., Most of a student's baggage is notes, handouts, photocopies, books, and so on. University material is bulky but unfortunately essential: here is a short guide to moving for off-site students, to better enjoy this delicate moment.


The choice of accommodation is the first important step to take. University bulletin boards and real estate sites could be very helpful in choosing the ideal home. Often the university student rents a room in a house to share with other students, in order to optimize costs. It is important to select the area of the city, understand the distance from the faculty, and the connection of public transport. If, on the other hand, you have your own car, you will need to evaluate the presence of public and/or paid parking lots. The market and the search for housing for university students begin towards the end of the summer and continues until autumn. Usually, a deposit equal to the first two months of rent is required.

Seek help

moving alone is not easy, so it is a good idea to ask family or friends for help. In this way, everything becomes easier and moving will seem less tiring.

Prepare the boxes

The first thing to do is undoubtedly prepare the boxes. It is advisable to arrange your things strategically without wasting space, so as to optimize the number of boxes. In addition to clothing, remember to take PCs, tablets, chargers, keys, cables, to pack cups, lamps, and fragile items, don't forget to buy bubble wrap (also known as bubble paper) but also sheets, tablecloths, towels ... If you are a video game enthusiast, don't forget the console! As for clothes try to bring a wide choice of clothes. You have to be ready for all occasions and seasons. But avoid the useless ones, that is the ones you never use (not even in your city). To create a familiar and welcoming environment, bring objects and accessories you are fond of. Photographs could help recreate the atmosphere of the home.

To comment

Don't forget to write its contents on each box. It will be of great help when you need to start fixing up the new apartment. Another mistake not to make is to make too heavy boxes. Besides breaking, it could be a real problem to move them!


In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”The documents are vital. Don't forget your identity card, passport, driving license, and health card. Medical reports can also be useful, especially in case of the presence of some pathology.

Calm and tranquility

Changing homes, cities, friends, and being away from loved ones is a nice change that could cause anxiety and worry. Use these energies to face the move with determination and positivity. Keep calm and peaceful, think clearly. This experience will shape you on a character level and give you more responsibility.
Planning the move is not trivial, the important thing is the organization. So relax, take the advice and enjoy this beautiful change. if u want more information visit our site

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