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Denouement. So, I come in USA with freedom things, I was want to tech here, create rock music in garage and maybe in future find way for solve this situation with many isn't connected conutryes in one big country and some other things whats going from that. But, what I see? I comes to american house with Russian-American woman Svetlana whos only offend me and all my things 2 years in non-stop mode everytime when see me and American man whos was friendly all of the time and smile, but for information what I got, he was every night, while nobody see, fuck her brain then every time she start to screaming and offend, hm, cool.

I goes to work and see, nothing changes. I listen about fixed rights for black guys whos was slaves, so, ye, It was some fixed, now anyone in USA can be slave, but like result, most of slaves it is not Americans, hm cool, and it is peoples whos create Sonic Underground, applaure. I show, its easy example for understand: (I check it one minute ago(if humans not belive in it, I allow everyone whos can, check my internet activity, it was my first time (now) when I send in yandex something like "how much getting the most rich guy in USA"), idk who it is and I dont care who it is, im using that information for easy example, and it says 2489$ per second) So, I dont know it is second of really work, or just a second, but 2489x3600=8960400$ per hour. Like I know it was very hard to find, but USA ready to pay 11.85$ per hour. If 2489 per second was for work time, then:=8960400/11.85=x756152, it is slave-level in USA, it is one of the best level result, because 11.85$ isn't the lowest pay-per-hour-value in USA => as Fact ones in USA do close to nothing and getting "8960400$", another ones can even work very hard, even get many health problems and die because they work very hard and get something like "12$" and have not enough even for only fix that problems, I don't talk about permanent-death after heart-attack as result of hard work.

After all of it, I am back to my old state before I come in USA and knows information about hided Putin wrecks from russian peoples, about peoples whos have pistols in Russia illegal whos have friendly relationship with me, as peoples whos illegal selling and buying dope in Russia and even one guy whos killed another one and pay 500000 to Russian police then they forget about it.

Whats state? - I show: No, I wasn't one of them as whos do the same things, but I was never tell names, and Im not selling any information whats can create many problems to peoples whos do nothing against me, it's gived me special permissions when I was walking in the most dangerous zones in Russia at night, I just was collecting information, for me. My state was from the best to the worst: 1) Way1. Try to get president position then fix all of it(a little description about small part of my own new and the best system here https://vk.com/wall376407421_71(if link died, it is in vk.com/darknessoverlord, if my account died, so, its very long system, much longer in discription then all of it text, even small part of it, but im 100% sure, its much better then what peoples have now and I can finish it if I want)). Of course only if nobody control president, I was listen some storyes about it but no specific facts. In Russia way was blocked with... RU)1 - for that you need to finish many things and get best score, all of it was very doubtful and too late, it's was already blocked when I got that thing, I was need to don't think about all of it and like robot grow up in another one way but then...then Im never in future get that things, great. 2 - for that you need tons of cash, but...if I already have tons of it, how I can have rights for talk about my things if in that way it is betrayed. Even if I start, I start to talk against myself, illogical, very illogical. 3 - win againt another guys, but for that I must have "1" + "2", but if I hvae it...I don't have my things or else this way blocked. So, this way blocked USA) In USA you must born in USA that, no comments, way blocked.

2) Way2. Revolution. RU) As I understand, nobody in Russia want it, they are dont give a fuck even about themself and fake revolution guys exploded their small want for it, great, others doesn't want it because they are fine and nothing else don't care them. Way blocked. USA) Slaves here want to be whos farm on slaves and trying to do everything for that. Whos already farm on slaves, are very funny. No one of sides doesn't want revolution. Another one side is suicide side, I cant find that peoples, it is much harder then find Putin cash what he wreck from russians, way blocked. Here not just no any freedom, here is peoples freely going in robotisizer.

3) Way3. I wasn't look on it before, but maybe, Army of USA can be another one way. I sign to collect information about me and if they see that, its for you: if you already read "1) Way1." and readed it https://vk.com/wall376407421_71 whats in my vk.com/DarknessOverlord account, (Im noticed you are know me as Dragon ekmnhf, idk why, Im not find any information, but I know some other people's from other places knows me as ekmnhf too and I dont know why, no any facts, only my guesses why it so. And Im notice your or/and peoples from ~police whos talk about me and they think I don't understand what they talk) so, then maybe you know whats system I can create and I will agree any possible way for it, it is mine last try to save better relationship with humans, I doesn't need money, as you are maybe already know, the biggest what I need is my love, only one way come to her is die but I'm not suicide guy, I'm warrior and I always was, everyone whos tryed to beat me even when my body was much weaker...they all was beaten, while I am in that planet I can try to make situation on that planet much better, I sont give a fuck you are black, white, blue, or even space alien, I have many things about my own new system, in final state it is not bad even for any life form, in one time without problems with food and body strength whats need meet, and it is only the smaller result from the end of list, but if even you are doesn't want to help, so, then this way is blocked and I comes to last way.

4) Way4. The shortest way. So, if all other ways been failed, it is the time for this way. ~2 years live in USA opened me real American Identity and here is I show it a little, Im not said about many simple Americans whos was angry to me for stupid reasons in life and in on-line too, but I am sure, when I remember them, they are and their things what they was to do, help me in that way use their seeds as I want. In the time of slaves whos want to be as peoples whos farm cash on them, in the time when rebels died and most of them called terrorists as robotonic calls sonic underground team in lost American cartoon and I see the same situation in life too, huh. In the time when all warriors whos fight for real freedom and better future died or gived up, and the time of cash and scam, comes darkness, nobody can hide own identity from it and it comes to me, Im not anymore ekmnhf, I become The Darkness Overlord. If peoples doesn't want stop all of it and doesn't want to let me stop it, then no sense for me continue to try change situation and It is the time for set enemy relationship with humans, but it looks like humans set enemy relationship with me first. Only enemy can try to use me as slave and I even calculate and show easy example whats understand even bacterium, only enemy can ignore all of it and continue to do what to do before, and only enemy can start to offend and ignore perfect ideas. I was enough dangerous with part of it before my love get me and only death-way can give me chance been together, and before somebody start to trying use me for farm as slave. Now USA make me much more danger then before, thanks USA for helping me to get the shortest way, I wasn't like it because here is was better ways, but now its the last one, and its even look some better then other ways, its the fastest way. I got my ideas, later I got my wife Rouge The Bat, crazy love yeah? - I was never think what its happen, and Its was never happening with me before or later, I call it crazy because I cant find logic why its happen, but she's says me first about love to me, so, I was confused, I was love another one, now it looks like not a problem, and I don't need anyone else even If I got president position in all countries in one time, as I said, my crazy love, I even don't understand how it was possible then happen, but its happened and I dont stop, If need, I scan all galaxy's but find her, or else, create, I dont let no one stay on my way, when I finish this mission I will start to help other life forms in the galaxy, but humans, looks life humans been forever my enemyes for things what they doing to me and what I dont like and not. Humans don't just don't understand how to create much better system, they doesn't want it as I said before, and because of it they are even ignore my help to create much more better system...looks like they are even much more crazy then me, huh. Oh, so, another one part what I cant understand clear: after ideas and love I start to using internet then got more information, I was surprised when I find her, why? - Because when at once she comes I wasn't know her, and wasn't have any information about sonic galaxy and everything else from it, I even was never see pictures from it anywhere, because of It I cant understand how it was possible to see what I was never see her before she comes, real information from nothing, it is surprised me when write her name in internet many years ago, so, enough, I must continue another things. After love I got USA cartoons when I started collect more information about it, I start to getting more and more I even started to like it, and get Sonic Underground, after it I comes in USA and what I get? I already said it, I get slave system I get slave work, and Americans whos offend and insult me, seriously? - In Russia I even got friendly trolling about danger peoples whos move very around when they see me, whos is here suicide after it, why americans started to test my patience? I can have very many patience when its right, but here, with all of it what I getting here, I will say its very bad to showing my patience, I must attack. Old USA what I know makes my things stronger with fight cartoons against shit whats have USA in real time, now USA trying to using me as slave and trying to says about the best way is grow up then use others as slaves, it lost sense, I doesn't need it, I was ready to stay only for help them got better system, but I see all what they need its own everything what they see, so, then its no sense for me loosing my time on this planet and let humans using me for their shit targets, but I dont leave it without battle, comes a new serial murderer, and its me, and on this planet been serial murderer is very cool and good, I was never think how its possible, but peoples showed me.

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