Andrey Zagoruiko

SMM Guru

You are a Social Media Marketing guru in Runet, and you believe you can win the rest of the world – join our team and do it with Displair. You will be a part of one of the most innovative and ambitious international projects. We look for an SMM professional, who will introduce AirLike to the international market.

AirLike is a successful, venture backed startup, creating an innovative file sharing social service for iPhone and Mac. AirLike is an integral part of Displair company.

What do we expect you to do?

  • Define target markets and target audience, analyze statistics, select platforms and services with high TA concentration, create SMM strategy for the company, use various marketing tools to attract the TA attention.

  • Correctly position the social group, use Facebook and VK target ads, budget SMM campaigns and calculate their ROI, create viral campaigns

  • Increase social activity in the community, increase number of returns, and neutralize negative comments

  • Do content mapping for different platforms, adapt and reconfigure existing content for different social platforms, write texts, suitable for each particular kind of a social network, prepare newsworthy events, create outstanding video scripts. Integrate website with social networks, find and integrate social incentives for the potential members to join the community, create effective landing pages and increase conversion.

What do we expect you to have?

The main requirement is to have successful projects (iOS apps, social services) in portfolio.

Other expectations:

  • community branding skills,

  • ability to define opinion leaders, organize events for opinion leaders, find and work with brand ambassadors,

  • ability to research and analyze social network data manually as well as with the help of automatic social data analysis services, generate unique URLs, track data sources

  • understanding of social behavior patterns, ability to create SWOT analysis, skills in media-budgeting and media-planning, understanding ofnew media-tools (digital, AR), ability to use internet marketing tools (context ads, banner ads, SEO)

We offer great team, challenging and inspiring projects, attractive compensation package.

Please, send your cover letter with CV to l.shvetsova@displair.com
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