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Moonly weekly progress update #34

Hello everyone, how was your weekend?We are still in the testing phase, doing some minor adjustments and removing some bugs! Be patient friends, good days are coming!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Merge and deploy frontend updates
  • Tested and fixed the issue of displaying the previous verification rule
  • Fixed the logic for the holder notification message
  • Fix the issue of merging accounts during account linking
  • Debugged and fixed issues on wallet-checker
  • Changed DB structure and modified logic to fix the Discord role issue
  • Investigated the total holding value issue and fixed it
  • Inserting and connecting NFTs, and tokens with the Discord server
  • Fixed all PR-related issues
  • Finishing discord bot page
  • Fixed search bar issue
  • Fixed overlay issue for secondary description
  • Fixed search on trait type dropdown
  • Explored the token metadata update
  • Explored getting tokens where the user is the authority
  • Work in progress about tracking previously assigned roles

Staking (Locking):

  • Created a model for the Attributes
  • Re-Adjusted resolver for the Attributes model
  • Refactored Staking Creations and added a new way of selecting a trait
  • Created DB migration
  • Implemented “Trait Remove” from the UI
  • Update smart contract for supporting two values
  • Implemented resolver and related logic for getting reward trait for staking the NFT
  • Implemented trait reward in the smart-contract
  • Created “Seed script” and seeded testing data with attributes
  • Explored the token metadata update
  • Explored getting tokens where the user is the authority

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Improved retrying logic of wallet-checker, tested and deployed
  • Sync Moonly DB to the Big DB
  • Disassemble the old RAID on the RPC server and created the new one
  • Small fix for re-queueing failed tasks in wallet-checker
  • Merge and deploy the latest changes

Upcoming NFT projects to mint:

Minted projects worth mentioning:

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