What Should You Know About the Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 based on Apps and Web view is still a matter of disscussions and debates among the marketers all around the world.

The updated service is based on machine learning, which automatically analyzes and offers recommendations for marketing optimization. Going forward, this solution will work with both cookies and ID.

Before, the most used Google Analytics property type has been Website. In the new version of Analytics, you can model any type of event and any parameter in one place. This is both a mobile application and a website in one bottle.

All stages of the event can be observed. The system shows both the events created by the user and a set of automatically registered events.

One of the key advantages of the new Analytics is the visualization of every event and any report in the system, in general.

A report on an existing event allows you to consider different stages of activity without building special reports. Let’s dig deeper!

So What’s Changed in the New GA?

1. Tracking of Goals – a Way of Measuring & Quantity

While the dimensions of visits in Yandex Metrica is nothing but the track of a visit, in Google Analytics it is an event dimension.

In new Analytics it`s quite possible to set up to 40 dimensions for one event.

In the “Conversions” section for each property, you can add up to 30 events as conversions in addition to the five standard ones.

New conversions are now registered in the Conversions section instead of the Admin section.

2. Placing Events on the Site

As previously, this report is available in the All Events section. In the new version, you don’t need to add anything, you just need to create events and use them, which is very logical.

3. New “Analysis” Section

There is an “Analysis” section that has appeared in the GA 4.

If standard segment reports are not enough for you, then there is an opportunity to compare and analyze all the data on the website and mobile application.

By choosing “Blank” – “New Analysis”, you can build a customized report like in the previous version reports, but with extended tools.

4. Closer Integration with Google Products – BigQuery, Google Ads

Therefore, data from BigQuery, Google Ads can be easily visualized in reports of the new analytics system.

5. Even More Visual Impressions

Thanks to the integration of systems a new way of building an audience visited the website has become more visual and interesting in terms of the number of options and availability of data.

You can get more information on the changes when you explore the GA personally.

What can I say for sure is that the new Google Analytics meets more needs of analysts and become a more powerful tool for analyzing all user actions and behavior on the website.

Now I guess it is even more useful for both marketers and executives, as it allows you to create up to 500 reports with convenient dashboards

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