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What is WePad?

What is Wepad?

WeWay — a Web 3.0 project with one of the most powerful databases of influencers, many iconic partners, and impressive trading and listing rates for its WWY token, is proud to present you WePad — a launchpad (launchpad), tailored for maximum results in the field of crypto projects as for the startups themselves as well as for investors.

The approach and vision of the WePad launchpad is aimed at complete transparency, maximum decentralization, minimizing risk for investors and high return on investment. This is manifested in every aspect, whether it is the technical component, the principles of engaging the community, or the process of selecting potential projects. For example, smart contracts will be audited and published to the public, KYC and AML procedures are mandatory and thorough, and our experience with influencers, partners and our own network is extensive - these are just some of the things that make WePad stand out from the background of a rapidly growing and competitive field. crypto incubators and launchpads.

The fundamental goal is to work with only the highest quality and most interesting projects - that is why there are a lot of criteria for selecting startups, and the whole process is very thorough and strict. If you look at the strategic plan, it is clear that the plans are ambitious: WePad will work with projects on Binance Smart Chain first and will later connect support for other blockchains, thereby helping startups to properly enter IDO with intuitive staking mechanisms, high-quality user engagement, and effective marketing. . Users will get access to tokensails and profitable ROI thanks to a transparent Tier-level system.

The project's recent partnership with BlueZilla deserves a special mention. BlueZilla is a hugely successful crypto incubator behind the success of BSCPad, ETHPad and more. As one of the most iconic partners, BlueZilla will bring even more opportunities and benefits to the WePad marketplace in terms of influencers and experience in launching projects.

Of course, the project team is another key factor in determining the fate of any undertaking, and this is also one of the strengths of WePad. WeWay co-founders (and WePad executives, respectively) Fuad Fatullayev and Evgeny Ipatko, as well as their colleagues, have many years of joint experience working with crypto exchanges, investments, blockchain technologies and startups, work with influencers in a quality manner and are fully involved in the work. As with all other documentation regarding WePad, information about the founders and all key people in the team will be published and available to all users.

WePad Level System

An initial offering (IDO) of a token through a launchpad is one of the most popular ways for new projects to raise funds from private investors for the development of their project. And for the investors themselves, a transparent way in terms of conditions and guarantees, unlike ICO, is a way to enter the project at the start.

To participate in the IDO, an investor must buy platform tokens. The level of the participant is calculated based on the amount of launchpad tokens that he owns.

The system of levels ("shooting galleries") WePad

Since there are more applicants than offers, each launchpad has its own gradation of levels (“tiers”), which distribute the investor's chances of participating in IDO and his share.

Project allocations on the WePad launchpad will be distributed according to a unique system of levels ("shooting galleries").

There are 6 levels in total: the first 4 give a certain number of lottery tickets and power. Strength increases the chances of your tickets (the more power points, the higher the chances of your tickets winning the lottery), and the 5th and 6th levels guarantee an allocation. Your level depends on the number of WWY tokens staked: 1st level requires 10,000 WWY; for the 2nd — 30,000; for the 3rd - 100,000; for the 4th - 200,000; for the 5th - 300,000; for the 6th - 500,000.

To be eligible, you must stake tokens for a minimum of 7 days before the token sale, and if you stake for 30 days or longer, you will receive bonuses: additional power on the first 4 levels and increased allocation on levels 5 and 6. Finally, all unsold allocations will be available to all levels in special rounds on a first-come, first-served basis.

We look forward to seeing how our community will begin to use the full potential of the WePad launchpad and the possibilities of the crypto market. To learn more about the project and be the first to know about all the latest announcements, follow WePad.

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