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Alisa Novikova

I already sell on Instagram. Why do I need a website?

Your product is interesting to the target audience - excellent. But there are different audiences - someone is ok to buy through Instagram, someone doesn’t like it, but there are no other alternatives, and someone won’t buy here in principle.

For example, I liked the T-shirt on Instagram, I want to buy it, but I don't have enough information:

-how much does it cost?

-what is the fabric texture?

-is there my size?

-what other colors are available?

-can it be measured?

-is there a delivery?

-pay now or upon receipt?

-where to pay?

Of course, all this information can be asked, but firstly, it takes a long time to write, and secondly, it is not clear how long they will answer me. In the meantime, I’m looking at a photo of a t-shirt, then a client wrote me an email and I closed the page and plunged into working questions. Will I find her again? Is not a fact. That's how we lost a potential buyer.

SO when there is no site, I understand that vendor did not think about my convenience as a client. On the site, I would find out everything that interests me in a minute, and I would immediately place an order.

An online store can help you attract new customers and make shopping more convenient for existing ones.

Page with a photo of the product, variety, price, delivery terms, and the "Order" button is already enough. And if you attach the possibility of online payment to the application - SUPER COOL!

You already have more advantages than those who simply posted a photo on Instagram and respond to a swarm of comments “Price?”, “Price?!!!”, “How much does it cost?”, “What size?”, “Is there delivery to my city? ⠀

What specific site do you need? I will tell you in the next post. Respect your clients and their time.

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