Smart advertising in the Internet or how to break the border of your personal life???

It's no secret that today in the era of the post-industrial world the boundaries of our lives in reality and life online are erased, but in both realities there are your private life, right? This question cannot be answered unequivocally, at least due to the fact that at the moment almost everyone has their own personal page in a particular social network, and the Internet, as everyone knows, is a fragile and easily traceable thing (not only internal bodies, but also commercial companies). That is why no one guarantees personal rights on the Internet.

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Have you ever wondered why, passing by the famous supermarket, and a minute later, opening the tape Instagram, you notice the advertising of the supermarket? Or how did it happen that you only told your best friend/friend/wife/husband about the desire to buy a new car out loud (without typing in the search box "buy a new car", "new car 2019 cheap", etc.) and the next day all your social networks and showered you with advertising about buying a new car from different transport companies?? Interesting, isn't it? Everything is so simple and incredible! Answering possible questions, I will say at once that this is not magic, no. All this smart modern advertising!

Due to this unique smart advertising, numerous companies have tripled their profits, and an inexperienced buyer got caught in the network of marketing and Internet beliefs. How can this be and how does such advertising work? What is its peculiarity? Why many marketers call it revolutionary advertising in modern society.

Speaking about the success of such advertising, we cannot but mention that advertising receives virtually all the information about the life, desires, plans and opportunities of a potential buyer, thereby knowing everything you need to fully convince and pressure on the buyer. It should also be noted that such advertising is a listening conversations in both online mode and offline, as well as a complete review and verification of all queries in Google and Yandex browsers (given the fact that the Russian Federation specifically these two search browser is quite popular among the young and middle age groups of the population), moreover, the system of "investigation" to improve the quality of the selection of the necessary and relevant advertising can trace your location anywhere in the world and at any time, regardless of your mode of geolocation. An example is the case when, dining in the pizzeria Dodo pizza with turned off the geolocation, a member of our team sees the advertising of this pizzeria in the news feed in your account Vkontakt. Amazing! But is it really ethical towards the consumer? Why excessive advertising, because in this case it may seem Intrusive on the part of the company pizzeria. Does the smart advertising system have the right to violate personal space and disclose the location of the buyer without his permission???

We believe that the abuse of smart advertising is unethical, because everyone has the right to their personal space and the right to choose the goods and services that he prefers, and not imposed by smart advertising, which, after analyzing most of the market, chose the best option for the buyer. In addition, do not forget that every free person has the right to Express their desires and plans aloud, without melting and without fear that his words can be used for the subsequent selection of suitable smart advertising. We cannot reject the fact that smart advertising is a kind of effective means of finding the right goods and services, but as long as human rights are violated in the process of collecting information and analyzing goods, such advertising should be prohibited for public use.

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