Interview: Timij (Timur Sadykov)


DJ, Producer; UK Garage, Bassline & UK Bass House

Since 1999, he has been a resident of the legendary St. Petersburg club "Griboedov". One of the organizers of Steptusin parties, a resident of the Fat Vibez Records label.

<i>Steptusin - Old New Year - 2007</i>
Steptusin - Old New Year - 2007

Hi Timur!

The first track which inspired you to make music?

It's hard to say exactly which track, as there was music in the house since childhood. My dad was very fond of music, played something every day, and on different mediums: reels, vinyl records and x-rays, cassettes. They were both soundtracks to Indian movies (which were later Brother used for the TJam/Mr. Maloy project), Polish compilations, Soviet funk/soul/disco, and Lipps, Boney M, etc. All that influenced my older brother and of course me.

When did you start your activity, what year?

First time I stood up publicly behind the turntables in 1998 at Griboedov club, this year is anniversary, so to say 25 years. )

What kind of music did you play at that time?

I started with my brother's records "french /filter/ house, tribal". After a year I started buying my own records and finally switched to Ukgarage/2step/Breakbeat/oldskool...

Most memorable performance, why?

I remember a festival in Vologda, it was in a former huge tractor factory, a real rave. I played breakbeat/hardcore/jungle vinyl there.

When I was coming back in the morning, fortuitously I met Borya Lmotive (God bless him) in the same carriage of the train.

(God rest his soul) he was playing too, but in another club.

The rest of the trip to St. Petersburg, we spent the rest of the time in the the dining car, but that's another story!)

Do you remember you posted oldschool event, how was it, what was memorable?

Yeah, it was the old new year on January 13th 2007 and the presentation of my CD "Back To The Oldskool 2".

People at the time were "hungry" for the oldschool sound, almost two years had passed since the release of vol. 1 and the interest wasn't waning, on the contrary, it was gaining momentum.


Are there any planned releases in the nearest future?

At the moment an interesting release on vinyl is being prepared, from Hi Top will be a remix. More details a bit later, follow our social networks: hitopofc hitopofc.

What would you like to say to our readers?

Listen to the music, truth in it!

LTJ Bukem - Logical Progression
M-Beat feat. Nazlyn - Sweet Love
Blame - Music Takes You (Kaotic Chemistry Remix)
Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia

Thanx, Timij, Respect!

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