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How to fall asleep in 2 minutes in any situation - the method of American military pilots?

Insomnia and lack of sleep have never been good for anyone. If you toss and turn and can't sleep because of a meeting or meeting scheduled for tomorrow - try the method of American military pilots, which allows you to "disconnect" in just 2 minutes. Here's how to do it.

Bud Winter 's Method

During World War II, the US military noticed that due to lack of sleep, fighter pilots made tragic mistakes and died. Therefore, the task of providing combat pilots with sufficient rest has become a matter of life and death.

The development and testing of the scientific method of "teaching" sleep was entrusted to Navy Lieutenant Bud Winter. In the past, he was a successful football coach and, in collaboration with a psychology professor, developed a relaxation method for athletes under stress.

Bud Winter's method has fully justified itself: after just 6 weeks of training, 96% of the pilots fell asleep within 120 seconds. Even against the background of shooting, after drinking coffee and in a sitting position.

1.Choose a comfortable pose

If you are already in your favorite crib, you can skip this point. But if you are in another place, choose the most comfortable position possible (for example, in the car, recline the seat back, and in the conference room - find the most comfortable chair).

2.Relax your face

This is a key point in the whole process. A person's face consists of 43 muscles — and in many ways it is from them that your body learns about the stress you are experiencing (or, on the contrary, receives a physiological signal that everything is fine — you can sleep safely). Therefore, close your eyes and relax your forehead, cheeks, tongue and lower jaw - let the tension go out of them. After that, you will notice that the breathing itself becomes deeper and slower. Now make sure that your eyes are also relaxed — none of the 6 muscles of the eye socket should be tense.

3.Lower your shoulders

Feel their weight and completely "drop" them - as if they are falling at your feet. Relax the back of the neck. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, relieving all remaining tension (in most people it accumulates in the shoulders, neck and jaws).

Now move on to your hands: feel how they become heavy and relax. It is better for right-handers to focus first on the right bicep, for left—handers - respectively, on the left. If you can't relax the muscle, strain it hard and try again. Do the same with your hands.

4.Relax your legs

Feel how you release the right quadriceps and it gets heavier. Then repeat this with the right calf, ankle and foot and move to the left side of the body.

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