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The most beautiful animals in the world

There are many animals in the world that surround us and they are all beautiful in their own way, but according to scientists, these animals are the most beautiful:


Macaw is the most beautiful animal in the world, according to experts of the Animalwise website. Macaws belong to the group of parrots of the New World. They are very popular with amateur poultry breeders, great for home keeping as companion birds.

Macaw is a large parrot, individual individuals reach a length of 95 cm. The bird became famous thanks to its bright plumage. The color combines green, red, yellow and blue shades. The macaw differs from other parrots by its flattened and strongly rounded beak. Each bird has a unique pattern of feathers on its muzzle, similar to human fingerprints.

White Bengal Tiger

The white Bengal tiger is the most beautiful animal in the world, according to Animalwised, a recognized symbol of greatness and strength. White tigers are considered the most beautiful. This color of the animal is caused by a rare genetic mutation, so white tigers are rare animals. Only one tiger per 10,000 individuals has a white color.


The lion is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. Lions were honored to be depicted on the cover of the publication "125 beautiful animals" by National Geographic.

Lions are the tallest and heaviest representatives of felines in the world. They are armed with 8-centimeter fangs. Lions have a well-expressed sexual dimorphism — females differ markedly from males.


The swan is a beautiful bird from the duck family of the goose-like order. These are large birds, their wingspan can reach three meters. The plumage color of swans varies from white to gray and black. The main difference and symbol of the beauty of swans is a long neck.

Swans are considered a symbol of beauty and grace. The swan as a symbol of beauty is found in Roman, Indian and Celtic mythologies. In addition, swans symbolize family loyalty, as they are monogamous and raise a brood in pairs.


Peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. They are a vivid example of the fact that a sense of aesthetics is inherent not only in people.

The tail of a male peacock is the most important element of natural selection. Female peacocks prefer males with a more lush tail. Assessing only the appearance and beauty of a potential groom, they choose a peacock with a large number of eye spots on its tail.


According to the Australian Geographic, the most beautiful fish in the world is the mandarin. It stands out for its colorfulness: the mandarin has a unique coloring - a combination of blue and orange.


Panda is a unique kind of bear. The main distinguishing feature of the beast is black and white coloring. Because of it, pandas are compared to raccoons and used to be called a spotted bear.

Pandas reach up to 1.8 m in length. The body is covered with thick white fur.

People think pandas are beautiful for a reason: this is due to complex mechanisms in our brain. According to researchers from National Geographic, pandas remind people of children.

Frisian horse

The Frisian horse is a Dutch breed, whose homeland is Friesland. The standard of the Frisian horse is considered a black suit. The average height of the horse is 160 cm . Friezes are called elegant and magnificent animals.

On the exterior, the horse looks like a small team horse. Friezes are very maneuverable and agile for their size.

Since the Middle Ages, the breed has been in great demand among knights who used Frisians as war horses. Phrases rushed to the attack with a knight in iron armor.

Greta Otho

Greta Otho, or glass butterfly— is a type of brush-footed butterfly. The main feature of the insect is transparent wings. Such wings make it possible for a butterfly to disguise itself in a natural environment without using an extensive arsenal of pigments.

The main habitat of the butterfly is South America. The transparency of the wings is achieved due to the low absorption of visible light and low light scattering by tissues. The adult is easily recognized by the enlightened wings with dark brown edges.

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