React Custom Hook: useCopyToClipboard

React Custom Hook: useCopyToClipboard
React Custom Hook: useCopyToClipboard

In this article series, we embark on a journey through the realm of custom React hooks, discovering their immense potential for elevating your development projects. Our focus today is on the "useCopyToClipboard" hook, one of the many carefully crafted hooks available in the collection of React custom hooks.

import { useState } from "react" import copy from "copy-to-clipboard" export default function useCopyToClipboard() { const [value, setValue] = useState() const [success, setSuccess] = useState() const copyToClipboard = (text, options) => { const result = copy(text, options) if (result) setValue(text) setSuccess(result) } return [copyToClipboard, { value, success }] }

Copying text to the clipboard in a React application can be a tedious task. To simplify this process, I've created a powerful custom hook called useCopyToClipboard. With just a few lines of code, this hook streamlines the copy-to-clipboard functionality, providing developers with a hassle-free solution.

The useCopyToClipboard hook utilizes the useState hook from React, along with the copy-to-clipboard library, to achieve its functionality. By invoking this custom hook, you gain access to two essential features: copyToClipboard and its accompanying state variables.

The copyToClipboard function takes in two parameters: the text to be copied and optional configuration options. It handles the copying process and updates the state accordingly. When successful, the provided text is set as the current value, and the success state is set to true. Conversely, if the copying fails, the success state remains false.

To demonstrate the power of useCopyToClipboard, let's consider a practical implementation. Suppose you have a component called CopyToClipboardComponent. By utilizing this custom hook, you can effortlessly copy text by invoking the copyToClipboard function, which accepts the desired text as an argument. The success state variable provides immediate feedback, allowing you to display appropriate messages or UI elements based on the copying outcome.

import useCopyToClipboard from "./useCopyToClipboard" export default function CopyToClipboardComponent() { const [copyToClipboard, { success }] = useCopyToClipboard() return ( <> <button onClick={() => copyToClipboard("This was copied")}> {success ? "Copied" : "Copy Text"} </button> <input type="text" /> </> ) }

The useCopyToClipboard hook is incredibly versatile and can be employed in various scenarios. It is particularly useful in situations where copying text, such as URLs, shareable content, or user-generated data, is required. Whether you're building a blogging platform, a social media application, or any other React-based project, useCopyToClipboard simplifies the process of copying text, enhancing user experience and productivity.

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