Taormino - Sicily

Taormino is the only city in Sicily where most of the shops don't close for siesta. This is an Italian city of slow sweet life, delicious cuisine, expensive imposingness and decorations. It is the land of millionaires and celebrities that Hollywood celebrities rent their villas and relax on the shores of the Ionian Sea. The main square of the city is "April 9" opens stunning from the slopes of the mountain to the sea. Taormino is located near the grand volcano Etna and is a fairly popular route for most tourists. There is no shortage of luxury solutions in Taormina and you can rent a beautiful villa for yourself. At the same time, the province of Catania, where Taormino is located, is a region of contrast. All that does not change throughout the province is that the cuisine in Sicily is equally fresh and beautiful everywhere and mainly seafood.

At the same time, there are great contrasts in Sicily, you can refer to the project of "One euro house in Sicily (Italy)".

Literally, 50 km away is the village of Castiglione, which launched the sale of houses in 2021. The buyer will have 2 years to renovate the property he must also use local resources.

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