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Website design quality

I'm working on a new project for a progressive IT company from Germany. We make a website with a high quality from a prototype to a scan on the engine. But what does the word quality mean by itself when it comes to website creation?

In this post, I'll start with the design. Designer:

+ the designer collects complete information about your business and product in order to understand what will work well for you

- the designer starts working immediately, without asking a single question

+ looks at the sites of your direct competitors, analyzes, takes some interesting ideas and solutions and makes it even better

- draws everything from scratch

+ tries different solutions, it can take a long time to test versions

- makes one version and considers it perfect

I am already silent about the technical issues that will be immediately noticeable to the layout designer, but will simply create a blurry impression for users. These rules are not a panacea and can be broken by experienced designers.

- different margins between blocks

- using a large number of different fonts (1-3 is optimal)

- using different types of text alignment (left, right, center)

Have you seen something like this? Tell us what you think about it ->

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