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Petro Melnychuk

Here Facebook blocked me again. Why moo-moo I mean, when they write comments about some leaders of other states, they don’t swear, for example, even the same Putin is considered normal. You don’t block anyone’s memory. about this coronavirus vaccine that in our country dictatorships force vaccines to take Anita there will be schools closed for our children This will not be anything for our children just because we are his train So Facebook is going too far Or those who are sitting there corrupt ones who have sold out our policy do not sit blocking I will post comments What I want if we have Freedom of speech then I still do but it turns out we have Freedom of speech we do not have Freedom of dictatorship When all of you if you want Putin to call these names on open Facebook, that's all right, but as soon as I wrote about America that this is disgusting where war does not go everywhere, so you decided me about America that this is disgusting where the war does not go everywhere, so you decided to block me, I ask you to understand this situation, I actually do not hold on to your page. with one goal to discredit as much as possible I can also ask all my friends to do the same they don't really like your Facebook one day they never sit they are not even registered to screw you up, they will do it because you give it to others for the same fascism Ukraine 7 years ago you planned the video as the last to flourish in the state of Ukraine And now the tractor Barakhty took this Unblock Why if you went out with a fascist So take off stay continue to advertise them Why you block when people write the truth from the coronavirus itself. I can say one thing you are biased, which means that you cannot be an independent source like you You are working together With the corrupt government of Ukraine and block all those who write something who write their dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian government I think that this is unfair. This suggests that Facebook has discredited itself has ceased to be a source in Independence

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