Moonly weekly progress update #48 - Optimizing our Discord Bot

Additional features for our Discord Moonly Bot. Today we tested the first version of the multiple collection role feature. E.g, if you are holding Critters Cult NFT, you will get role-@Critters Cult role. Still testing this feature out, so it’s not fully working yet.

Another tiny feature of Moonly Discord Bot is Announcement Catcher. This feature will automatically pick announcements from the selected channel and display them on the Moonly website for a specific collection. It will also be displayed on the homepage so that we can provide more exposure to other projects. Remember, the Moonly website has 25k — 30k visitors every month.

Flexible, customizable Raffle system for our collection and other projects that can utilize our Staking as a Service but don’t wanna mess with Tokenomics. I talked with dozens of founders; many don’t have staking because they think it’s all about tokens.

Yes, the token is, in most cases, the best way to reward the holders. But staking can be used even if you don’t have your token. E.g., using some other “stable SPL” as a temporary reward or having no token reward but organizing weekly raffles/giveaways. And here is our Raffle app will play. Since it’s gonna be adjustable, projects will be able to do raffles based on who staked their NFT.

Sniping Bot (still, but most of the work is done. Just slowed down, for various reasons. You will know.), Portfolio Tracker (partly released, but still to improve some stuff for better UX and stats). Twitter Spaces / Twitter Giveaway bot.

Weekly devs progress: :tada:

  • Fixed a minor issue in the remote logger that did not allow to dump of objects
  • Token tracker’s collection_id reassignment is in progress
  • Finished merging cross-site auth and fixed all merge conflicts
  • Updated post method and DB schema for discord announcements
  • Finished assigning collection_ids to transactions in Big DB
  • Finalizing Live Feed switch to the Big DB
  • Rewrote a significant part of the mints scraper package again and tested
  • Deployed BigDB-live-feed to testing
  • UI and business logic changes for the sniper bot
  • Checked image quality difference between production and staging
  • Separated main app and token tracker build commands for cleaner and faster builds
  • Added npm scripts to improve the developer experience
  • Attempting to fix occasional 404 errors
  • Added Twitter login resolver for logging in with Twitter
  • Refactored code & removed code duplication in login Twitter & loginDiscord

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Optimized the trait endpoint at Moonly bot API
  • Testing the HVB and fixing bugs
  • Written a post method functionality on the Moonly bot frontend
  • Fixed some relevant issues & deployed the multi-collection feature at the Moonly test bot
  • Researched an automated re-link process after reaching the limit of tiring renew refresh token
  • Deployed the multi-collection HVB changes on production

Raffle Feature

  • Adjusting code for supporting all prize types for a single winner
  • Adjusting code for supporting deposit/managing prizes from the vault

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