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Underexposed, a Liverpool-based design company, has created a new identity for probiotics business Fermento, portraying the brand as a range of products with distinct medicinal capabilities.

Underexposed also worked on the art direction, tone of voice, website design, and packaging for Fermento in addition to the visual identity.Fermento's pill-based solutions are meant to address particular health issues ranging from gut health to skin care. It refers to these products as "precise probiotics.

"According to the company's credo, the health brand seeks to distinguish itself from other probiotic brands that "tend to tackle general gut disorders and sometimes have undecipherable labeling on them." graphic design service

Underexposed creative director Andy Broadwood adds, "Fermento are breaking misconceptions and causing a commotion."

"They required a brand that distinguished them from the sea of worthless probiotic cocktails."According to him, one issue in the probiotic industry is customer misconception about what the supplements truly perform.

"Many individuals don't understand them well enough, and some firms provide inadequate probiotic products," Broadwood adds.

Fermento's branding goal was to demonstrate how "health-conscious individuals can actively enhance their wellbeing, and to debunk misconceptions," he says. According to Broadwood, the branding design tries to suggest a "rich, brilliant, blooming probiotic environment" by juxtaposing a black backdrop with multi-colored graphic components. custom wordpress website design

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